Near for two saxophones and orchestra (2006)
Šir for alto saxophone and orchestra (2010)


Trio for horn, trumpet and tuba (“Conversations”) (1999)
Potiho (Quietly) for english horn and harp (1999)
M.. for violin and violoncello (2000)
Čuječi (Hörend) for wind quintet (2001)
...tisti košček modrega neba... (...this little piece of blue sky...) for 14 solo strings (2002)
Dan za Dnem (Day after Day) for 2 alto saxophones (2003)
Momentum for accordion and guitar (2004)
Dotiki (Touches) - 6 poems by Hafis, for soprano, bass viola da gamba, harpsichord
Almost a Loneliness for soprano and wind quintet (2005)
Štiri bodice (Four Prickles) for two saxophones (2006)
Between You and Me for flute, viola and harp (2006)
Okruški for clarinet and guitar (2008)
Srž (“Warp & Woof”) for 7 instruments (2009)
Brst for tenor saxophone, accordeon, violoncello (2009)


Kolor for clarinet (2003)
Doors of the Day for mezzo soprano (2004)
Miles and Miles Above My Head for accordeon (2009)


Running into Green for women’s choir (2000)
Quare? for mixed choir (2001)
Sen (Dream) for mixed choir (2003)
Sončeve niti (Thread of the Sun) for mezzo-soprano and male quartet (2007)
In Vitam for female voices (2008)